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Warmly Celebrate the Complete Success of Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference of Dalian Leader Gas Separation Technology Co., Ltd.

Release Time:2013-02-04    

Jade dragon brings prosperity and gold snake presents good luck. The purples air comes from the east and everything looks fresh and gay. Let’s say goodbye to unforgettable 2012, welcome to brand-new 2013, look back to the course of struggle and look forward to new future! On Feb. 3, 2013, Dalian Leader Gas Separation Technology Co., Ltd. ceremoniously held the 2013 year-end summary and commendation conference in Jinzhu Hotel.

General Manager Yin Yi, Deputy General Manager Shi Junxiong and Yang Dong, Chief Engineer Pan Guangtong, Marketing Department Chief Wang Changcun, Technical Department Chief Han Zhihui, Purchasing Department Chief Wang Haiyan, Quality Control Department Chief Wang Tiejun, Production Department Chief Ma Yong, Project Department Chief Li Zhiguo and all employees attended the annual conference.

First of all, all chiefs made 2012 work summary and 2013 work plan of respective departments. Everyone, with real and honest recognition and decision, simply spoke without long speech. Then, General Manager Yin Yi recapped the conference. Mr. Yin pointed out the difference of amount of sales caused by economic environmental influence between this year and the previous year, summarized the features of the company at work (the employees struggle constantly, with their morality and quality improved day by day), also stated that the work coordination among all the departments must be enhanced, and the employees’ positive energy must be improved, and simultaneously formulated new operation target and strategic guideline of 2013 in his annual work summary report and work schedule report. Mr. Yin’s summary report affirmed the achievement, pointed out the deficiencies, underscored the targets, enhanced morale, encouraged everyone to work hard and obtain more brilliant achievements in the new year.

The company has made continuous growth and expanded increasingly. Today’s achievement can not leave the leaders’ and employees’ hard work and active cooperation. Although some people have no brave words and great contributions, they shine the brilliance as ordinary screws. Then Deputy General Manager Shi Junxiong published the name list of 2012 annual excellent staff and advanced groups on the year-end summary and commendation conference, affirmed the efforts of excellent employees, and also encouraged the employees who were away from the awards due to limited quota of personnel to obtain better achievements in the next year.

Bright fireworks are the splendid color of the New Year; and fortissimo singing sound is the moving melody of the new year. As a happy event, the conference shows not only positive youth cover, but also all employees’ harmony and friendliness, and sends the company’s lofty ideals and great ambition of flying like a bird. 2013 will be a new starting point, and the company will step into a faster development period. “Gathering people and assembling forces and casting business and spreading virtues. The staff of Leader will make great efforts to provide first-class quality service. Let us jointly wish the company to have a more beautiful and glorious tomorrow.


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