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    Chemical processes usually used air as the oxygen source. It is always available for using oxygen-enriched air instead of air to improve product yield and quality, relevant documents shows that carbon black, formaldehyde and other dozens of chemical products can use oxygen for production.

    Application of oxygen in chemical industry is mainly to strengthen the production. For example, organic chemical production, acid production, oxygen bleaching of pulp, oxygen injection for gasification inferior coal, producing of petroleum protein, production of petrol protein, racking of crude oil, substitute gas of natural gas, rock breaking by flame jet, Claus sulfur recovery etc..

    Such as the production of hydrogen peroxide, using oxygen as a source of molecular oxygen improves yield of hydrogen peroxide device .And also because of oxidation reaction rate increasing, exhaust gas emissions from gas treatment device in the production of hydrogen peroxide reduced, aromatic hydrocarbon emissions reduced accordingly, thus made the effect of the economic benefits.