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    In the sewage treatment process, the oxygen in the air (or pure oxygen, oxygen-enriched air) is let into the sewage water by aeration, providing oxygen for the breath need of microbial, and microorganisms consume wastewater pollutants, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying wastewater. Commonly, Aerobic biological wastewater treatment methods are activated sludge method and biological membrane etc. Compared with the use of pure oxygen in activated sludge process and air aeration treatment, sludge agglomeration performance enhanced; saving1/3~1/4 of the aeration time and 50% of the site area, construction investment saving about 40% , energy saving 30%~40%;; the utilization rate increased to more than 90%. 

    With the development of technology, there are membrane pure oxygen aeration process and supercritical water oxidation of organic pollutants etc. According to the situation in China, there are problems of less consciousness and weak capacity of sewage treatment , So the wide application of oxygen enriched aeration technology can widely improve the surrounding environment.