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    High oxygen enriched air (21% of oxygen content ) for combustion is known as the oxygen enriched combustion, referred to as OEC. And with 90% oxygen combustion, it is called the pure oxygen combustion. Oxygen enriched combustion can be applied with all kinds of fuel (including gas, liquid and solid) and all industrial boilers. This technology improves the application range and performance of fuel of poor quality. As a high-efficient energy-saving combustion technology, it is used in glass industry, metallurgy industry and energy engineering.

    Oxygen enriched combustion has been rapidly developt because of high efficiency,good effect of energy saving and emission reduction. In 1937, it was successfully used in bottom blown converter steel making progress known as the world's first use of oxygen enriched combustion. It also has been widely used in iron and steel industry and glass industry, which has establish a solid foundation for other industrial applications. Using 23%~30% oxygen enriched gas for sulphuric acid production can shorten the baking time and Improve the conversion rate. It can improve the device yield in Claus sulfur recovery process by the application of 30% oxygen enriched combustion.