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    As the water pollution is getting serious and wild fish resources is decreasing sharply, the aquaculture density is continues increasing .The traditional aerator has been unable to meet the oxygen demand of aquaculture pond .Recent years, oxygen enriched culture has become international popular for high efficiency .This technique uses PSA oxygen generator for raw gas material and increase the oxygen content in water to achieve the super saturated dissolved level after process of oxygenation, at the same time, by using some other physical means for water disinfection and purification treatment, and also strict control of water quality, it can create a good environment of aquaculture .

    The water environment has improved, oxygen content in water is adequate, It is helpful to inhibit harmful anaerobic microbial breeding. The disease resistance of culture biological in water is getting stronger, the breeding cycle is shorten, thus the risk of breeding is reducing. 

    As the oxygen rich breeding technology has significant economic and social benefits, the ministry of agriculture has been taken this technology promotion as one of the strategic goals for the next ten years.