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Product Introduction

According to the record, by using 23% - 30% oxygen enriched combustion air ,10 - 40% energy saving effect can be obtained. For the different kind of furnace structure and the different required temperature, it is not the higher oxygen concentration, the better energy saving effect.

When the required oxygen purity is between 23% - 32% and the flow is less than 40000Nm3/h, investment and maintenance cost of membrane system and also the operation cost are less than cryogenic and PSA system. Equipment scale can be small or large and the smaller scale the more economy.  

Membrane technology for oxygen enrichment combustion was a rising technology in nineteen eighties. It is known as the "resources creative technology" by the industrial countries. Oxygen enriched combustion technology is one of the main research projects of the International Energy Agency to control greenhouse gas emissions .

In foreign countries, the number of gas membrane separation device manufacturers have reached more than 60. Gas membrane separation technology is becoming more and more mature and is widely used in many fields. The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, the former Soviet Union and other countries have invested enormous energy for technology development and application. They have achieved great economic effect. In Japan, because of poor energy resource, oxygen-enriched combustion technology was included in the state plan. The Japanese government decided that from 1990 all industrial furnaces, including the large boiler, boiler heating medium, shall use the oxygen enriched combustion air instead ordinary air for combustion boiler.

In 1982, there have been more than twenty companies launched the membrane oxygen enriched device used in gas furnace, oil furnace and coal furnace. Study of the United States of America Argonne National Laboratory shows that,only after proper reform of conventional boiler, oxygen enriched combustion technology can be applied on combustion. In 1983, there were more than 200 International Foundries using oxygen enriched combustion technology in US. In 1982, the Japan government and the companies had a joint research of membrane oxygen enrichment combustion technology ,it include membrane material, components,equipment , the production scale, process design, process optimization and also the analyses of the means of detection and development of analysis instrument.


Reduce the fuel temperature, accelerate the combustion speed, improve the flame temperature.

Reduce emissions after combustion, increase the utilization ratio of heat.

Reducing excess air coefficient, reduce the heat loss.

Reduce the boiler (kiln) coking, prolong the service life.

Reduce dust emissions, clean air, protect environment.

Improve the application range of poor fuel quality, give full play to the performance of fuel.

Less equipment investment, short recovery time, 8 - 12 months to recover all the investment for the general project

Low operation cost, the preparation of 1NM3 with purity of 30% concentration of oxygen enriched air used electricity of just the amount of 0.12KW/H.

Long service life of equipment, more than 10 years in general.

Simple operation, safe and reliable performance, without the need of special maintenance.